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Carbon Projects

Striving for carbon neutrality and going green is an important and high priority task.
CO2 sequestration climate projects in forestry and agriculture are a reliable and effective way of reducing our carbon footprint. Ctrl2GO develops technologies for high-precision monitoring the carbon balance of natural ecosystems, tests techniques to increase carbon sequestration and regenerative farming, and operates carbon farms - enterprises of a new sequestration industry.
In 2020, Russia's first carbon testing ground was opened in the Ugra National Park.
- Data collection and processing

 ● Space satellites
 ● UAV
 ● Hyperspectral cameras
 ● Ground sensors
 ● area surveying/inventory

- Analysis, processing and calculation of net area sequestration using AI and machine learning


- High-precision monitoring technologies advance market climate projects and the opportunity to protect national interests on the climate agenda

- The carbon farms are verified carbon units for carbon footprint compensation

- The technologies for increasing carbon sequestration and regenerative farming are designed to increase the productivity of carbon farms and to reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture

Read more about the carbon industry in the Ctrl2GO and First Digital joint project document.

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