9 june 2020

LANIT and Ctrl2GO to Implement Predictive Analytic Solutions in Industrial Enterprises

LANIT and Clover Group (part of Ctrl2GO) signed a memorandum on cooperation. The companies agreed to jointly promote and implement predictive analytic solutions for enterprises in the machine engineering, oil and gas, energy, and other industries based on Clover products.

"Our collaboration with LANIT is another step towards the discovery of data mining technologies for Russian industries," said Ctrl2GO Director for Operations and Clover Group CEO Aleksandr Dmitriev. "In rapidly changing conditions, enterprises need analytical tools that allow them to quickly adapt to new market realities, effectively manage production processes, and create value chains for their customers."

According to LANIT's director of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Center Denis Afanasyev, the company previously examined the predictive analytic solutions presented on the Russian market: “It turned out that the Clover platform best understands the tasks and needs of our customers. We noted that this is a Russian company that developed a solution using open source software and used it in large projects with confirmed results," says Denis Afanasyev.

The intelligent platform Clover is designed to process and analyze large industrial data. It includes a rule library and MX models (MathExperience). The company's experts model the behavior of objects based on a description of the physics of production and technological processes and develop unique engineering models that describe the behavior of equipment even when there is insufficient data from sensors.

Various industry solutions by Ctrl2GO are implemented on the basis of a flexible platform to increase the efficiency of using industrial equipment, planning repairs, and managing reliability. This technology has already been successfully applied in the railway industry, machine engineering, energy, oil and gas, and mining sectors.

"There are many industrial enterprises in Russia that have a large fleet of industrial equipment at their disposal. These devices require regular maintenance, substantial budgetary funds are allocated for this," says Denis Afanasyev. "Using predictive analytics can reduce equipment maintenance costs in some cases by 20-30%. This is one of the main tasks that clients set for us. LANIT, along with Clover will achieve such business result for its customers in the shortest possible time."

LANIT - "Laboratory of New Information Technologies" is a leading multidisciplinary group of IT companies in Russia and the CIS. Established in 1989. It provides a full range of IT services, whose number is steadily increasing due to the development of advanced and in-demand technologies and solutions. LANIT is a partner of more than 280 major global manufacturers of equipment and software solutions in the field of high technology. The LANIT team consists of 11,800 people. The rating agency RAEX recognized LANIT as the leader on the domestic market of information and telecommunication technologies. According to international firm IDC, the company ranks first in terms of revenue among companies providing IT services in Russia. It is included in the top 100 best employers in Russia, and is also recognized as one of the most popular companies among applicants, according to an annual rating by HeadHunter.

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