21 january 2020

Clover Group Patents Method and System for Diagnosing an Industrial Site

The company Clover Group (part of the Ctrl2GO Group) received a patent for the invention "Method and system for diagnosing an industrial site." The basis of the invention is a solution for monitoring the operation, evaluation, and prediction of the technical condition of equipment.

The implementation of the solution allows industrial companies to analyze the operation of equipment, predict failures with an indication of a specific unit, reduce downtime, and reduce asset maintenance costs.

Clover's invention monitors the status of an industrial site by analyzing data collected from sensors. The resulting telemetry is processed and compared with the parameters forming the model of an industrial site. Based on the results of the analysis, a conclusion is drawn about the equipment's serviceability and the need for repair.

According to the examination's results, the uniqueness and inventiveness of the solution was confirmed. This consists of applying the engineering model of an industrial site and using feedback that corrects the model after performing repair work. An essential feature of the invention is the partial nullification of the accumulated data about the operation of an industrial site that eliminates the detection of false anomalies arising from the replacement of parts. This affects the accuracy of diagnostics on industrial equipment by taking into account additional information about the facts of abnormal operation and repairs.

Clover Group patented the invention with Rospatent and the Eurasian Patent Organization. So the patent applies not only to Russia, but to the CIS. A substantive examination of the international application PCT is currently being finalized. Besides this, the company's portfolio contains three registration certificates for computer programs.

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